Dr. Minter-Jordan receives “Outstanding Physician of the Year” by the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers

by twhynot 14. November 2012 11:38

Dr. Minter-Jordan Named Outstanding Physician

by twhynot 27. June 2012 10:57

 Congratulations to Dimock's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan, on her most recent award, Outstanding Community Health Center Physician!
Honored by the Mass League of Community Health Centers, Dr. Minter-Jordan was thrilled to accept such an acclaimed award professing,

"I am honored by this award. Dimock is an amazing organization that delivers care to the people that need it most. This award reflects the work that is done by all of the providers in our health center. We have the best and brightest providers who are deeply invested in delivering comprehensive care. The recognition of the Mass League for the work that we all do is a wonderful acknowledgement."

Since joining The Dimock Center in 2007, Dr. Minter-Jordan has tirelessly served Boston's most underserved patients with the comprehensive care they deserve. Her ability to lead the health center remains a priority as she continues to implement new and innovative programs in the Center.

On behalf of all of us at Dimock, we applaud you for your commitment to improving the quality of care to better serve all of our patients, clients and families.

Community Health: Measles

by twhynot 16. March 2011 10:39
(NECN) - Measles has been thrust into the spotlight in New England and across the nation. Last week, one confirmed case of measles popped up at the French Consulate. There are three other cases that are currently under investigation. 

Dr. Myechia Jordan, Chief Medial Officer for The Dimock Center joins NECN with more on the measles scare.  
Click here to watch.

Community Health: Food Allergy Guidelines

by twhynot 2. March 2011 10:14
More children are being diagnosed with food allergies, but could doctors be wrong and over-diagnosing? Today, the first guidelines for diagnosing and managing food allergies were released by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.  Dr. Myechia Jordan, Chief Medical Officer for the Dimock Center, a Community Health Center in Boston has more on the guidelines.  Click here to see the video

Community Health: Deep Freeze Dangers

by twhynot 24. January 2011 13:59
NECN) - In Community Health, we're talking about the deep freeze. You never expect it to happen to you, but you can get yourself into some health troubles when it gets cold. 

Dr. Myechia Jordan, Chief Medical Officer at the Dimock Center joins NECN to talk staying healthy in the cold.  Click here for video.

Community Health : Morning After Pill

by twhynot 17. August 2010 15:21

(NECN) - In Community Health, the federal approval of a new "high-powered" birth control bill is explained by Dr. Myechia Jordan, chief medical officer for the Dimock Center in Boston joins NECN with more on the research.

View the video here

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