Dimock Integrates Programs to Provide Quality Health Care

by twhynot 31. January 2012 10:21
To adequately provide comprehensive care to the children of our surrounding communities, The Dimock Center will be consolidating Child Behavioral Health Services and Pediatrics to form the Behavioral Health-Pediatrics Integrated Program (BHPIP). The goal for the BHPIP program is to increase access to behavioral health services for all children who frequent the pediatrics department at Dimock.  Integrating psychiatric and primary care services builds on the medical home model, a strategy for healthcare delivery which improves access and clinical outcomes.

Expanding this model will unify mental health and medical professionals leading to sharing goals, resources and medical records.  Mental Health clinicians will be embedded functionally within the pediatric clinic at Dimock. Dr. Nina Graupera, a child psychiatrist at Children's Hospital Boston, will be onsite to provide rapid access to psychiatric care.  The design of BHPIP is to ensure that every child receive quality care they deserve while breaking barriers between pediatricians and mental health clinicians. For patients and families, this model will accurately diagnose an illness and administer a solution within one clinic in the community, saving time and money. 

Community Health: Measles

by twhynot 16. March 2011 10:39
(NECN) - Measles has been thrust into the spotlight in New England and across the nation. Last week, one confirmed case of measles popped up at the French Consulate. There are three other cases that are currently under investigation. 

Dr. Myechia Jordan, Chief Medial Officer for The Dimock Center joins NECN with more on the measles scare.  
Click here to watch.

Community Health: Food Allergy Guidelines

by twhynot 2. March 2011 10:14
More children are being diagnosed with food allergies, but could doctors be wrong and over-diagnosing? Today, the first guidelines for diagnosing and managing food allergies were released by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.  Dr. Myechia Jordan, Chief Medical Officer for the Dimock Center, a Community Health Center in Boston has more on the guidelines.  Click here to see the video

Community Health : Morning After Pill

by twhynot 17. August 2010 15:21

(NECN) - In Community Health, the federal approval of a new "high-powered" birth control bill is explained by Dr. Myechia Jordan, chief medical officer for the Dimock Center in Boston joins NECN with more on the research.

View the video here

Community Health : A Closer Look at the Health Care Vote

by bhowland 23. March 2010 12:27
(NECN) - In Community Health, Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan takes a closer look at the impact of the health care vote. What will patients notice and what will it mean for doctors and other health care providers? View the video here.

The Dimock Center Pediatrics Clinic Welcomes Dr. Estella Escobar

by bhowland 4. March 2010 13:15

New physician adds to the growing number of Spanish-speaking physicians and staff now available to provide primary care, eye care and dental care 

ROXBURY, MA – The Dimock Center’s Pediatric Clinic is pleased to welcome Estella Escobar, M.D. to the team.  Dr. Escobar is fluent in both Spanish and English and welcomes the opportunity to work with The Dimock Center’s Spanish-speaking patients and their families.  

A native of Colombia, Dr. Escobar received her M.D. from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellin, Colombia.  She completed her residency in pediatrics with the Miami Children’s Hospital and most recently was a fellow with the Boston University Medical Center, specializing in pediatric infectious diseases. 

“Interacting with children and caring for their health makes every day such a rewarding experience for me,” explains Escobar.  “I first came to know The Dimock Center and its great staff as a clinical observer, while preparing for my pediatric residency, and now, I am excited to join this wonderful team.” 

“Having a bilingual physician join our clinic represents a terrific resource to both our patients and our staff,” notes Dimock’s Director of Pediatrics, Dr. Nandini Sengupta.  “Dr. Escobar’s ability to communicate in Spanish helps patients feel comfortable and welcomed, while contributing to improved quality of care.” 

Dr. Escobar is accepting new patients and practices at The Clinic on Wednesdays from 1:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., as well as every other Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  For appointments call Hilda Terrero at 617-442-8800, ext 1260.             

About the Dimock Center
The Dimock Center was founded in 1862 as the New England Hospital for Women and Children and is now nationally recognized as a model for the integrated delivery of comprehensive health care and human services in an urban community. The health center alone handles over 51,000 patient visits annually, providing city residents and families access to high-quality health care and human services they would not be able to receive elsewhere.  The center’s programs cover a range of services that include adult & pediatric medicine, eye & dental care, HIV/AIDS services, child & family development support program, behavioral health and addiction recovery services and adult basic education.

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