The Dimock Center


Board of Directors


The Dimock Center has four leadership boards that each oversee and advise different aspects of the organization. This management structure allows each board to focus on a particular set of expertise.

Over the past few years, Dimock redesigned its management and operational structure in order to continually improve programs and services, and to help navigate successfully the increasingly complex health and human service environment.

After an extensive assessment by members of the Board of Directors and members of the Board of Visitors, a new governance model was created in 1999 with the goals of providing: Greater flexibility to manage a multi-faceted health and human service organization; Expertise to protect Dimock’s current and future real estate assets; Increased oversight of services from a program, fiscal and regulatory perspective; and Continued support of our mission to remain responsive to community needs. Four individual boards were created, each to serve a different purpose for the organization.

The Dimock Community Foundation Board serves as the parent corporation for Dimock and oversees the administrative and management functions of the organization. This board is responsible for approving Dimock’s budget, conducting strategic planning, overseeing fundraising efforts and managing the Dimock endowment.

Dimock Community Foundation, Inc. Board Members

Clayton Turnbull, CHAIR
Vivian Beard
Lisa M. Campoli
Jayne Carvelli-Sheehan
Richard M. Karoff
Ronald A. LeGrand
William R. MacKenzie
Paul Mendis, MD
Stuart Patterson
Robert Rivers
Peter Roberts
Marshall M. Sloane
Sandra Stratford, MD
Carol Wilgus

The Dimock Center's Health Center Board is responsible for overseeing all of the organization’s health related services.

Dimock's Health Center Board Members

Jayne Carvelli-Sheehan (CO-CHAIR)
Paul Mendis, MD (CO-CHAIR)
Howard Carter
Charlotte A. Davis
Robert (Bob) Francis
Doris Gordon
Jaron S. Green
Virginia Knight
Shari Nethersole, MD
Cochise Pearson
Leneva Penton
Dolores Pickett
Elizabeth Relerford
Eunice (Robbie) Robinson
Annie Russell

The Dimock Center's Community Services Corporation Board oversees all of Dimock’s services that are not health-related, including Workforce Development, Youth and Family Services, and Behavioral Health Services.

Dimock's Community Services Corporation Board Members

Robert Credle
Carroy (Cuff) Ferguson, Ph.D.
Margaret P. Gean, MD
Peter Opara
Robert I. Sperber, Ed.D.
Steve Tompkins
Sheryl L. Traylor
Hamilton (Tony) Wood, Jr.